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aurora powder coating blast cleaned engine


Shot blasting is an environmentally friendly process of removing chemical deposits from all types of metal surfaces, and our team at Aurora Powder Coating Ltd can provide a top-class service at a very competitive price. To hire us, give us a call. We are based in Aldershot and serve customers in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.


We have been offering a comprehensive range of metal surface treatments for more than 20 years now and have gained a wealth of experience in the trade. Have a look at what we have to offer:

  • Shot blasting: A technical process which removes impurities from metal surfaces without the use of chemicals, increasing the longevity of the protective coating over the surface

  • Bead blasting: Utilising glass beads, bead blasting can remove many impurity deposits from any type of surface without damaging it. To give an example, you can hire our bead blasting services to remove calcium deposits from pool tiles

  • Alumina blasting: This is one of the more popular services, used for surface preparation and profiling for subsequent protective coatings

  • Shot peening: A cold work process which is used to extend the lifespan of many metal products by increasing their fatigue life

  • Glass bead peening: This type of surface treatment for metal parts can increase their resistance to stress corrosion cracking

  • Grit blasting: Also known as sand blasting, a widely popular surface treatment, is used for rust removal, metal polishing and metal surface preparation for protective coating

Shot Blasting
aurora powder coating blast cleaned engine close up


Vapour blasting is a non-aggressive metal surface finishing procedure which makes the product surface stain resistant and smooth.


All our services are tailored to your requirements and we never compromise on quality. Based in Aldershot, our experts at Aurora Powder Coating Ltd serve domestic and commercial customers in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.


Head on to our gallery page to see examples of our work, if you like what you see, call us.

Vapour Blasting
aurora powder silver finish box frame

Blast cleaning services for superior surface finishing call Aurora in Aldershot on 01252 325999

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